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science and technology innovation

The Molecular Biology Division includes the Virology and core Molecular Biology sections. 

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Health professionals

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is a Federal program of the Health Resources and Services Administration that provides scholarships and loan repayment to primary care providers practicing at approved sites located in/or serving Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) throughout the United States.

health and human services

The DC Board of Medicine regulates and provides applications packets and resources for Naturopathic Physicians.

Health and Human Services

The DC Needle Exchange Program (DC NEX) keeps our communities safe by stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and connecting people to the health services they need. 

New License Application for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers

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All babies should be screened at birth for metabolic and hearing problems so that they can get the services they need as early as possible. 

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In addition to federal grants, DOH also receives funds from private organizations.  These are not considered grants, but donations and the process is monitored carefully by the Office of the City Administrator and a Donation Manager appointed by the Mayor.

permits licenses and certifications

Health Regulations Licensing Administration is mandated to license Nurse Staffing Agencies. 

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The DC Board of Long Term Care  Administration regulates the practice of nursing home administration. 

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Nutrition and Physical Fitness Bureau works to provide food, health and nutrition assessments and interventions, education and referral services to DC families to affect dietary habits, foster physical activity, decrease overweight and obesity rates and thus improve health outcomes among the population.

Food and Nutrition Services

The Bureau of Cancer and Chronic Disease (BCCD) is committed to a range of strategies that promote healthy eating, physical activity, and living well with chronic conditions for all DC residents. 

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The District of Columbia Department of Health collaborates with the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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The Board of Occupational Therapy regulates occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in DC.


Online License Renewal (select one):

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The Board of Optometry regulates the practice of optometry in DC. The Board advises the Mayor and enforces the law. 

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The School Based Oral Health Program provides preventive oral health services to DC Public Schools (DCPS), DC Public Charter Schools (DCPCS) elementary school students and Head Start Centers/Early Child Learning Centers who presented their signed parental consent forms. 

DC Perinatal Health Framework
Improving Perinatal Health Outcomes

Improving perinatal health outcomes starts with every community understanding its health risks and its role. To achieve this goal, DC Health’s comprehensive approach works to ensure the following priorities:

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Pharmaceutical Control Division has the regulatory responsibility that involves annual licensure inspections, surveillance and the monitoring of activities in establishments that procure, distribute, dispense and manage prescribed/prescription products for sale or use to consumers in the District of Columbia. 

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The Pharmaceutical Control Division ensures that the pharmaceutical products and services available for consumption and use are safe for their intended purposes.

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The Board of Pharmacy regulates the practice of pharmacy and the practice of pharmaceutical detailing in the District of Columbia