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Grants Management

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The District of Columbia Department of Health (DC Health) supports public health initiatives and health services with local, private (donations) and federal funds.  DC Health is awarded an average of $120 million annually in federal funding.  These funds address priority public health and service needs of District of Columbia residents.

Through grant awards, DC Health has partnerships with federal agencies, private grantors or donors, other DC government agencies, as well as community partners who receive grant awards from DC Health.  The funds are used to manage and deliver public health initiatives for residents in need of such services as immunization, prenatal care, HIV testing and referral services, substance abuse prevention and recovery services, and occupational injury surveillance.  Funds also support public health emergency preparedness services and food safety programs for all residents and guests of the District.  

DC Health’s largest grant awards come from federal agencies like the Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development and Department of Agriculture.  DC Health applies for funding and accepts these funds through grant agreements.  DC Health also accepts responsibility to comply with all Federal and local DC Government laws, regulations, and mandates for receiving funds, spending them appropriately and adhering to standards for delivering services.  DC Health creates policies and procedures to ensure these funds are utilized according to approved plans, monitored by responsible DC Health personnel and made available to community partners in a process that is open, fair and competitive.  We emphasize accountability, best practices and performance.

The Office of Grants Management (OGM) is available at (202) 442-9237.

The Office of Grants Management is located within the Office of the Director. OGM is the central oversight and processing unit for DC Health’s grant programs. 

Eligibility Documents

The following list of documents are required for every grant application. These documents are used to verify that an applicant organization is eligible to receive grant funds from the District of Columbia and thereby DC Health.

  • Certificate of Clean Hands dated within 60 days of the application deadline
  • Current Business License/Certificate of Licensure or proof to transact business in local jurisdiction
  • Current Certificate of Insurance
  • Copy of Cyber Liability Policy
  • IRS Tax-Exempt Determination Letter (for nonprofits only)
  • IRS 990 Form from most recent tax year (for nonprofits only)
  • Current List of Board of Directors, on letterhead, signed and dated by a certified official from the Board (this cannot be the Executive Director)
  • Assurances and Certifications

Every applicant will also be required to submit at minimum the following documents as part of their application proposal.

  • Proposal Abstract
  • Project Narrative
  • Budget Table
  • Budget Justification
  • Organization Chart
  • Work Plan
  • Self Risk Assessment

As outlined in the Request for Applications (RFA), additional documents may also be requested.

DC Health Administrations

The OGM works closely with subject matter experts in units within DC Health called Administrations. Administration grant teams are responsible for developing program priorities, applications for funding, and for monitoring grant funds.

DC Health Dispute Resolution Policy

The DC Health Dispute Resolution Policy outlines how applicants can address disputes related to the DC Health competitive award process. Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to [email protected].

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