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DC Newborn Metabolic Screening Program requires all DC hospitals to screen for 40 inherited genetic disorders that are treatable by diet, vitamins and/or medication, or by anticipatory measures in an effort to prevent attacks and to diagnose and treat babies who tests positive.

The Quality Collaborative DC Quality Collaborative is a well-defined network of community partners and resources that provides seamless accessibility to quality HIV-related care and services for all Ryan White consumers in the DC metropolitan region.

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The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was created to promote health and build leadership skills among youth and to empower the next generation of District of Columbia leaders and public health professionals.

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The DC Center for Rational Prescribing (DCRx) provides information about medications and other therapeutic options to physicians and healthcare professionals.

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The Vital Records Division has death certificates dating back to August 1874. Death records become public 75 years after the date of death. 

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The District of Columbia Diabetes Control Program was established to reduce the burden of diabetes in the District of Columbia through partnerships aimed at policy change, sustainable community programming, and health system quality improvements.

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2019 Animal Health Fairs DOH's Animal Services Program provides support and care for animals, owners, businesses, and visitors to the District of Columbia as they encounter animals.

Community Hygiene

The Division of Community Hygiene regulates facilities operation within certain industries.

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The Division of Food inspects the city's 5,500 +/- food establishments.

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Dog licenses are issued by the Animal Services program. Dog owners must show proof that their pets have had rabies and distemper vaccines and renew their dog’s license annually. Get more information about licensing requirements, fees, and procedures.

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The Department of Health partners with community-based organizations, health-care providers and government agencies to achieve mutual health care objectives.  

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The Domestic Partnership Registration Rule allows unmarried persons, whether of the same sex or different genders and regardless of one's place of residence,  to register as domestic partners in the District. Registration enables the partners to be eligible to receive health care insurance coverage if one of the partners works for and was employed by the District government after 1987, and guarantees the partners mutual visitation rights in hospitals, and nursing homes.  

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The Pharmaceutical Control Office reviews each drug manufacturer or distribution application and determines an applicant's eligibility for licensure.

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The key focus of early childhood programs is to ensure that all children and families have access to a continuum of comprehensive, high-quality early childhood programs and services that promote child well-being and school readiness and ensure that all children are healthy, ready to learn and have safe passage through the early years. 

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The ECCS Program strives to engage stakeholders to create a more unified and comprehensive child development system that helps children in all of the District’s eight Wards regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and development and behavioral needs to be healthy and ready to learn when they enter kindergarten.

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Promoting the continued development of an optimal system of emergency medical and trauma care, DOH's EMS Programs certifies all emergency medical service providers and regulates EMS educational institutions and response organizations in the District. 

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The Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Administration provides a variety of services to help you prepare for a wide range of hazards, both natural and man-made.

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HAHSTA provides epidemiological data and other important reports to inform providers and engage the community to address gaps and enhance the care system for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and Tuberculosis in the District.

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DOH has compiled a list of health care facility directories based on the kind of medical care needed.