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EMS Certification and Reciprocity

Certification: In Washington DC, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certification is overseen by the DC Health. The DC Health EMS program is responsible for the certification of EMS personnel, including emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics.

To achieve EMS certification, individuals must complete an approved EMS course, which typically includes a combination of classroom instruction, practical skills training, and clinical experience. After completing the course, candidates must pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) examination, which is a standard requirement for EMS certification in the District of Columbia. 

When the candidate achieves NREMT certification and is affiliated with a DC EMS Agency, they are eligible for DC EMS certification. 

Application Process

  1. The certification candidate submits a certification application via the DC EMS ePortal, including copies of all required EMS certifications and payment of the required fee. 

  2. The application is routed to the DC EMS Agency Representative, authorizing the applicant as an affiliated member of their DC-approved EMS agency. 

  3. The application is routed to the DC EMS Agency Medical Director, authorizing the provider to practice with that agency. 

  4. The application is routed to the DC Health EMS program to validate that the application is complete, valid and that the applicant meets the requirements for certification. 

Looking to become a DC EMS Provider?  Click here to apply for DC EMS Certification!

Looking to become a DC EMS Instructor? If you're passionate about emergency medical services and want to share your knowledge with others, becoming an EMS instructor can be a fulfilling career path. Click here to download the DC EMS Instructor Certification!

Looking for EMS Certification Reciprocity?: This is a common question posed to the EMS program. Applicants from other states seeking certification in DC are still required to be currently certified as an NREMT and follow the process of certification listed above. 

Looking for EMS Certification Verification?  Do you need your DC EMS certification verified, so you may apply for certification in another state? Email the request for verification to [email protected]