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Radiological Exposure

A radiological exposure can be brought about in numerous ways. It can be a beneficial act such as an x-ray, it could be accidental such as a train accident or it could be intentional such as a terrorist act. This kind of emergency could be a dirty bomb or nuclear explosion, a nuclear power plant accident, or a transportation accident. Regardless of the cause there are basic things you can do to protect you and your family.

If a radiation emergency happens near where people live or work, take immediate action to protect yourself and others around you in a radiation emergency:

  • Get inside and stay inside an undamaged building.
  • If possible, shower and change into clean clothes.
  • Stay tuned to the television or radio for updates and instructions.

Emergency workers and local officials are trained to respond to different types of situations and will give you specific instructions to keep you safe. For more information, please read the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “Protecting Yourself and Family.”

This information was taken from the Types of Radiation Emergencies on the CDC website.

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