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Emergency Medical Services Program Policies

The DC Health EMS Program is responsible for ensuring high-quality emergency medical services (EMS) education and operations in Washington, DC. Through its comprehensive policies, the program aims to prioritize the health and safety of the residents and visitors of the district, as well as provide a framework for the efficient and effective delivery of emergency medical care.

The program's policies are designed to regulate various aspects of EMS education and operations, including training and certification requirements for EMS providers, medical direction and oversight, ambulance services, and emergency response protocols. These policies are regularly updated to align with the latest evidence-based practices and industry standards, ensuring that EMS providers in DC are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent patient care in emergency situations. 

Policy #100-105 Complaints- Click here!
Policy #200-304c Continuing Education Accreditation Click here!
Policy #200-304e Local Continued Competency Requirements (LCCR) Click here!
Policy #200-307a Emergency Medical Responder Examination Manual Click here!
Policy #200-307b Emergency Medical Technician Examination Manual Click here!
Policy #200-308 Educational Institute Administrative Manual Click here!
Policy: Hospital Identification Numbers and EMS Agencies Click here!
Policy: National EMS Education Standards Click here!
Policy: Medical Aid Station Protocols Click here!
Policy: Requirement for Suspension or Revocation of Certification Click here!
Policy: Issuance of EMS Certifications with PBJ Click here!
Policy: EMS Agency Certification Process Click here!
Policy: Limited Reciprocity EMS Agency Program Click here!
Policy: Medical Aid Station Operating Requirements Click here!
Policy: Medical Aid Station Equipment Standards Click here!
Policy: Establishing NREMT Certification Standards Click here!
Policy: DOH and NREMT Certification Dates Click here!
Policy: EMS Agency Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan Click here!
Policy: Issuing of Provisional EMS Provider Certifications Click here!