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Rodent Control Tips for Residents

Residents, visitors and business owners, let’s work together to reduce rodent activity in our city!

  • Eliminate all clutter around the outside of homes and under porches.
  • Store any garbage in metal or heavy plastic containers with tight-fitting lids and place trash at point of collection shortly before pickup — not days in advance.
  • Remove weeds and debris near your property/ yards where rats can hide easily. Plants such as English Ivy, Periwinkle, Pachysandra, and Hosta are known to be cover for rats.
  • Store food in metal, glass or heavy duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Remove uneaten pet food, and store pet food in secure containers.
  • Add metal weather stripping and trim to doors to prevent rodents from gnawing and entering underneath.


  •   Please call 311 to report rodent complaints. Go online at
  •   Please call (202) 535-1954 for information, outreach, educational materials, and enforcement.
  •   To report a rat bite, sick rat or injured rat, contact the Animal Control Division at (202) 576-6664.