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The resources below provide users with tools to navigate the NarxCare platform successfully.

NarxCare Webinar This hour-long webinar provides an overview of the NarxCare platform. The webinar features a Q&A session with commonly asked questions and provides Appriss technical assistance contact.

NarxCare Demo This 7-minute video provides a brief, high-level overview of the NarxCare platorm, including directions for navigating the platform, understanding the NarxCare report, and locating the resource section.

NarxCare Navigation This brief video provides an overview of navigating the NarxCare platform and describes features such as data visualization, specific use scores, and overdose risk scores.

NarxCare Interpretation This 15-minute video provides users with the tools needed to interpret the NarxCare report and strategies for utilizing the report when making decisions regarding patient care.

NarxCare Overview This PDF document provides a brief written overview of the NarxCare platform and directs users to additional online resources.

NarxCare Fact Sheet This 1-page PDF document provides an overview of the uses and benefits of NarxCare.

NarxCare Product Sheet The NarxCare product sheet is a 2-page flyer detailing the platform's offerings.