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Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) Video Information

DC Health collaborates with the healthcare community in the city through the DC Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) committee that makes recommendations to DC Government and its external healthcare stakeholders to help all types of healthcare facilities to provide the best possible quality of care in the District by ultimately eliminating HAIs.

  • How to talk with patients about using antibiotics 
    Ryan E. Anderson, MD, MPP, Associate Medical Director, MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety discusses a four-step plan for discussing antibiotic stewardship with patients.
  • What is an Antibiogram  
    Mia Barnes, PharmD, BPCPS, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, Howard University College of Pharmacy discusses what is an antibiogram—an aggregate summary of susceptibility data at an institution which gives clinicians a birds-eye view of resistant patterns.
  • What is an Antibiotic Resistance
    Glenn. Wortmann, MD, FIDSA, FACP, Section Director, Infectious Diseases at MedStar Washington Hospital Center discusses how antibiotic resistance occurs.
  • Let's Talk About Antibiotics
    DelIsa Winston, RPh, Director of Quality Initiatives, Grub’s Pharmacy discusses what antibiotics are and what they do and difference between viruses and bacterial infections.
  • Bacteriuria
    Syncia Sabain, EdD, MPH, MS, MBA, MA, Director of Quality Assurance and Infection, Unique Rehabilitation & Health Center discusses when bacteria is present in a urine culture of someone that has no symptoms of an urinary tract infection which is common condition found in the elderly in long term care facilities. Antibiotics do not benefit these residents and they are at risk to for developing antibiotic resistance making them more difficult to treat in the future.
  • Importance of Immunization
    Erica Shepperd-Debnam, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, Howard University College of Pharmacy discusses how people are exposed to millions of germs every day that can cause infections. Thanks to vaccines, we are able to survive these infections.