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Board of Medicine


Prior to beginning renewals, all licensees are encouraged to review the User Guide, available HERE.

Once reviewed, licensees can then renew online HERE.

Mission Statement

"To protect and enhance the health, safety, and well-being of District of Columbia residents by promoting evidence-based best practices in health regulation, high standards of quality care and implementing policies that prevent adverse events."

Established in 1879, the DC Board of Medicine (BoMed), a division within the DC Department of Health, Health Regulation and Licensing Administration (HRLA), has the responsibility to regulate the practice of medicine (MD/DO) in the District of Columbia.

The Board accepts applications for licensure through national examination; waiver of national examination; reactivation of an inactive license; reinstatement of an expired, suspended, or revoked license, or by eminence pursuant to the Health Occupations Revision Act (HORA). All applicants for licensure must establish, to the Board’s satisfaction, that they possess the appropriate skills, knowledge, judgment, and character to practice medicine in the District of Columbia. In addition, applicants must demonstrate to the Board that they are proficient in understanding and communicating medical concepts and information in English. 

The Board also oversees the regulation of Trauma Technologists, Physician Assistants, Naturopathic Physicians, Anesthesiology Assistants, Acupuncturists, Surgical Assistants, Polysomnographers, and Postgraduate Physicians in Training.  Regulation is achieved through the application process; the disciplinary process and through outreach and educational activities.  

Members of the Board are appointed by the Mayor and serve a three year term for a maximum of three terms. The Board issues a quarterly newsletter that provides up-to-date information on the Board's current activities.  

The Board meets on the last Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Open session is from 8:30 am - 9:30 am and members of the public are invited to join the Board.  If you would like to present a topic, you must schedule a time to be placed on the agenda. Contact Lisa Robinson at [email protected]. Executive session is closed to the public.

Continuing Education Requirements

2018 is a renewal year for all licensees of the Board of Medicine.  As part of the renewal process, licencees will need to complete the required number of continuing education (CE) credits for their profession.  Below is a list of the current CE requirements for reach profession:

  • Physicians (MD/DO) - Fifty (50) hours of CE every two (2) years, which includes three (3) hours in the subject of HIV/AIDS, two (2) hours in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency, and at least one (1) course in the subject of pharmacology.
  • Physician Assistants (PA) - One hundred (100) of CE every two (2) years, which includes includes three (3) hours in the subject of HIV/AIDS and two (2) hours in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency.  PAs may substitute NCCPA certification for the one hundred (100) hours, however, they will still be required to complete the required hours of CE in the subject areas of HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ cultural competency.
  • Naturopathic Physicians (NP) - Thirty (30) hours of CE, which includes two (2) hours of CE in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency.
  • Surgical Assistants (SA) - Fifty (50) hours of CE, which includes two (2) hours of CE in the in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency.  SAs may substitute certification from ABSA or the NSAA, if said certification required the completion of fifty (50) hours of CE with the two (2) year period proceeding renewal.  However, they will still be required to complete the required hours of CE in the subject area of LGBTQ cultural competency.
  • Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA) - Hold certification with the NCCAA, or its successor organization, as well as having completed at least two (2) of CE in the in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency
  • Acupuncturists (ACU) - Currently no CE requirements exist for Acupuncturists in the District.
  • Polysomnographic Technologists - Twenty (20) hours of CE, which includes at least two (2) hours of CE in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency.
  • Polysomnographic Technicians - Twenty (20) hours of CE, which includes at least two (2) hours of CE in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency.
  • Trauma Technologists - Fifty (50) hours of CE, which includes at least two (2) hours of CE in the subject of LGBTQ cultural competency.

In addition to the above requirements, we are providing the below list of courses available to licensees to acquire the necessary hours in the subject of LGBTQ:

For physicians and physician assistants who need to complete at least three (3) hours of CE in the subject of HIV/AIDS, you can find a list of potential courses on the DC Health website here.

Lastly, for those physicians in need of CME related to pharmacology and/or prescribing, or any other CEs, DC Health offers several free programs via the DC Center for Rational Prescribing.  You can access the DC Center for Rational Prescribing here.

Board of Medicine FY 2019 Meeting Dates:

October 31, 2018
November 28, 2018
December 19, 2018
January 30, 2019
February 27, 2019
March 27, 2019
April 24, 2019
May 29, 2019
June 26, 2019
July 31, 2019
August 28, 2019
September 25, 2019
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