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Reporting Bad Actors

Report an Adverse Event

FDA MedWatch

Help the FDA identify problematic products. MedWatch is the nation’s adverse event reporting system, and depends on healthcare providers to report problems, including serious side effects, product quality problems, therapeutic failures, and product use errors of prescription or over-the-counter medicines, vaccinations, blood products, medical devices, dietary supplements, infant formulas, cosmetics and foods.

Report Misleading Prescription Drug Promotion:

FDA's Bad Ad Campaign

Report misleading claims about prescription drugs made by drug reps, advertisements, industry-sponsored speakers or promotional materials to the FDA’s Bad Ad program in the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion. Common violations include omitting or downplaying drug risks; overstating drug effectiveness, promoting unapproved uses, or misleading drug comparisons.

Complaints can be made by 

E-Mail:[email protected]

Phone:  877-RX-DDMAC (877-793-3622)

Fax:  301-847-8444

Mail: FDA/CDER/DDMAC 5901-B Ammendale Rd,  Beltsville, MD 20705-1266 

Bad Ad website

A free CME module on Bad Ads is available here.

Opt Out of Providing Drug Reps Prescribing Information:

Did you know that drug reps monitor how many prescriptions prescribers write for various drugs? Opt Out through the AMA's Physician Data Restriction Program (PDRP) which allows physicians to restrict pharmaceutical sales representatives and their immediate supervisors from seeing your individual prescribing data (reps will still know how many prescriptions you write for specific classes of drugs).

More information about prescription tracking is available here. 


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