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DC Immunization Laws and Regulations

DC Legislation and Laws

DC Law 3-20 (Immunization of School Students Act of 1979)
To immunize all students who are incompletely immunized against the preventable childhood diseases, and to establish a continuing system by which all students will be fully immunized at the earliest appropriate time.

2008 May 2 Final Rulemaking DC Regulations
These rules require health care providers to report the administration of all vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for vaccine preventable diseases, revise the required immunizations for school students by including vaccines that have been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration since February 1, 1991, and update the procedures for administering vaccines already listed.

DC Law 17-10
To require a public education campaign to educate the public regarding the human papillomavirus and the vaccine for this virus, to require a certification by the Department of Health that the vaccine is safe and efficacious, to establish a human papillomavirus vaccination program for females entering grade 6, and to require that a vaccination reporting requirement be established by the Department of Health.

HPV Emergency Rule, 09-14-2014
To clarify that religious exemptions and HPV Opt-Outs must be filed for each year they are claimed. The rule also expands HPV immunization to include boys and all children from grade six (6) through grade twelve (12).

DC Law 21-160, FY2017 Budget Support Act of 2016 (effective 10/08/2016)
Subtitle 1: School Immunization Requirements Enforcement Period Amendment Act of 2016 amended Section 6 of the Immunization of School Students Act of 1979, is amended by striking the phrase “ten (10) days” wherever it appears and inserting the phrase “20 school days.”