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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

About the PDMP
The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) aims to improve the District’s ability to identify and reduce diversion of prescription drugs in an efficient and cost effective manner that will not impede the appropriate medical utilization of controlled substances. The PDMP also aims to enhance patient care by providing prescription monitoring information that will assure legitimate use of controlled substances in health care, including palliative care, research and other medical and pharmacological uses.

Log in to the DC PDMP Here

DC PDMP Basics Training Webinar Recording
Learn the basics of how to use the DC PDMP, including: how to perform a patient query, how to navigate and interpret a PDMP report, how to set your ‘default PMPi states,’ how to perform a bulk patient search, and more. This recording also gives a brief overview of DC PDMP legislation and how the PDMP supports patient care. You can access the webinar recording here.

MANDATORY PDMP QUERY: Mandatory query is now in effect in the District of Columbia. DC Law 23-251. Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Query and Omnibus Health Amendments Act of 2020 became effective on March 16, 2021. The law requires prescribers and dispensers to query the PDMP:

  • Prior to prescribing or dispensing an opioid or benzodiazepine for more than seven consecutive days, and
  • Every ninety days thereafter while the course of treatment or therapy continues, or
  • Prior to dispensing another refill after ninety days.

The law is available here:

MANDATORY PDMP QUERY WEBINAR RECORDING: The DC PDMP presents an informational webinar of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Query Amendment Act of 2020. Learn about the requirements of the Act as outlined above, how to perform a patient query, and other DC PDMP features.
To access the pre-recorded webinar, click here.MANDATORY PDMP REGISTRATION: All licensed prescribers and dispensers must register for the DC Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Read the notices to practitioners or FAQs about mandatory registration for full details.
For dispensers: As of June 7, 2019, gabapentin is a covered substance for the DC PDMP. Dispensers are required to report dispensations of gabapentin to the DC PDMP.
DC PDMP EHR/EMR Integration Overview: Bamboo Health and the DC PDMP provide an informational webinar on implementing and utilizing EHR/EMR integration through PMP Gateway. During the webinar recording, you will:

  • Learn how to access DC PDMP data/prescription history reports through your EHR utilizing Appriss Health's PMP Gateway Service 
  • Hear a DC Nurse Practitioner describe how PMP Gateway integration has affected patient care

To access the webinar recording, click here.

PMP AWARXE™ is the web platform that providers can use to access the PDMP.
NarxCare The NarxCare feature of PMP AWARXE™  allows providers and dispensers to view patient health history and patient risk scores. NarxCare's analytics tools is an analytic clinical decision support tool that allows providers to assess overdose risk and monitor levels of stimulant, benzodiazepine, and opioid prescriptions. 

Gateway Integration  The DC PDMP provides the option of PDMP-EHR integration to all health care facilities and practices in the District of Columbia, which allows health care practitioners to quickly and easily access DC PDMP data within their clinical workflow. DC Health covers the licensing fees associated with the integration service for every health care entity in the District of Columbia that elects to connect its Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), or Pharmacy Management System to the PDMP via Gateway integration. 

PDMP Advisory Committee The DC PDMP Advisory Committee is a multisector committee made up of 7 members. The committee's goal is to make recommendations to DC Health's director regarding PDMP best practice, regulatory and legislative updates, education and outreach to prescribers and dispensers, and program enhancements.

The District of Columbia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Advisory Committee
will hold a meeting on:
Tuesday, August 15, 2023 from 10am--12:00pm
via WebEx. Here is the link to register: 

All questions and press inquiries regarding the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program must be submitted in writing. Interested parties may send inquiries by email to [email protected] or by regular mail to:

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 
Health Regulation and Licensing Administration
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