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Special Event Medical Planning

Special Event Planning Guide Cover

If you are hosting an event in the District you will need to develop a health and safety plan. The Department of Health, in conjunction with the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) requires that all event coordinators submit a Health, Medical and Safety Plan to the Department of Health (DOH).

Your plan should include a description of the event, including where it will occur and the date(s) and hours of operation. You should also include any medical provisions, types of medical aid you intend to offer, as well as any aid stations or ambulances that may be deployed. Currently the level of medical service that is required is based on the estimated crowd size. For events of fewer than 2,000 attendees, you can simply utilize the 9-1-1 service. As the size of the event grows, so does the medical service requirement. Events with 60,000 or more attendees require the use of Aid Stations, mobile teams and ambulances on site.

Other items that need to be considered are communications, including staying in touch with event staff members as well as contacting emergency services should the need arise. A map of the event, showing points of egress can be very valuable to emergency responders. How you will communicate with the public at your event if there is an incident is also an important consideration. Is there a public address system available, variable message signs, or other means of communication?

The Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Administration (HEPRA) within the Department of Health has created a planning guide that can assist you in creating your Health and Safety plan. The Special Events Health, Medical and Safety Planning Guide listed below covers planning for all types of events and outlines any requirements of the Department of Health. This guide offers hints and tips to consider during your planning process. We have also included a copy of the Planning Template that you can complete online and print for submission to HEPRA.

We have included a listing of EMS agencies that are certified to provide medical coverage at special events. Look for the check in the box marked "Special Events Services" in the "Authorized to Perform the Following Services" on the report.

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